A vintners’ story

Vincelles, a charming old village on the tourist trail through the Marne Valley, is the home of Pinot Meunier. It’s a twenty-five-minute drive west to Epernay and Reims. The very name Vincelles is a nod to its winemaking heritage: “Vini cella” is Latin for wine cellar.

Henry BLIN, along with most of the producers in Vincelles, comes from a long line of vintners stretching back to the 17th century. But it was Henri BLIN who united 29 growers in Vincelles in 1947 to found Champagne H.BLIN (the H is for Henri).



Simon BLIN, the current President of Champagne H.BLIN (since 2009) and grandson of Henri BLIN, is from the 12th generation of growers in Vincelles and the proud heir of a long family tradition (going back to Jacques BLIN, born in 1636). He maintains the family’s determination to promote Pinot Meunier, growing, tending, harvesting, and marketing the grape and its illustrious wine. In a place like Vincelles, Pinot Meunier pairs its characteristic richness and fruit with a freshness and tension that champagne lovers crave for.

Currently, Champagne H.BLIN (Vincelles Cooperative) and its 115 growers own 110 hectares of vines, planted primarily with Pinot Meunier (70%), in addition to some Chardonnay (16%) and Pinot Noir (14%). H.BLIN and our vintners are driven by a few core values: passion, love for the vine and grape, a commitment to quality and respect for the earth.


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